Why is Video Email Marketing Essential Today?

Today, no marketing platform can match the return on investment with email marketing. It clearly outpaces every other form marketing irrespective of the business that you are in. Improving email metrics seem impossible for marketers, but with video email marketing the task is made simple. Making improvements in the email newsletter is essential to win the hearts of the target audience. Focus on creating interesting videos to increase the reach and enhance your customer base. Here are a few ways why video email marketing is a necessity for every business.

Urges your customer to open your emails

Your customers probably receive more than 100 emails a day and making a cut in the inbox is essential to win the trust of the readers. Creating an impact and making the customer choose your message over the other 99 is a task in itself. However, videos can help you achieve this task easily. According to a survey, more than 50% email campaigns witness a surge in the open rates on using videos. Customers hate to read a wall of text and prefer watching something interesting. To increase the open rate, include the video in the subject line. Unless you mention in the subject line, the probability of a customer opening the email is less.

Personalizes the business

Videos can personalize your business better than copywriting. By using videos you communicate effectively to your customers using the voice tones and different body languages. A video paints a beautiful picture about your business and you’re no longer a faceless business. If you’re planning to focus on video email marketing, then film a simple video about your company instead of writing it in the body of the message. With videos, your customers are more likely to click the buy button. However, focus on creating informative, engaging and interesting videos to capture the attention.

Helps in upselling

Will your customers not love a video of a product they want to buy? Therefore, take a common up-sell with your main offering and present it in a video to the customers. It gives the customer an opportunity to purchase additional items by paying a small fee.

Video email marketing is definitely the future of email marketing.