Vacations Over – Should the email marketing be stopped?

Time flies away when on holiday and even before you realize it your vacation comes to an end. As a company, you will be offering discounts or holiday clearance sale to entice your customers. But, what should be done post-vacation? Email marketing result changes gear after every holiday season, therefore, it is essential to devise a compelling email marketing strategy to rope in new customers and build an authentic email database. The following strategies will assist you to gain the trust of your customers post-vacation.

1) Best of Current Year’s List

New Year is the time when people relax and enjoy the memories of the previous year. As a marketer, you can connect with them emotionally and give them a nostalgic feeling by reminding them of your best product or stuff in the year. Customers who have previously used the product will definitely appreciate your step, and those who have not used it, out of inquisitiveness try to use the product. Such a step is sure to leave a mark in their mind about the particular product.

2) Back with certain in demand products

Certain products which are in great demand can become out-of-stock. The best time to bring them in stock is post-vacation. For best-selling and most popular gifts email should be sent to the entire database of the customers.

3) Extended Return Policy

Holidays and vacation can be the most hectic time in anyone’s life. From planning it to executing it successfully, it can drain the customers to no extent. Therefore, to support them emotionally extend the return policy by a week. Send an email to all the customers in your database informing them about the extension.

4) Create an auto responder sequence

The new customers on board should not be left in distress with no communication from your side. Many email platforms provide this facility. Aweber and MailChimp are two such email service providers. Make sure to send the auto responder sheet to all your new clients. The questions that can be asked in such an email marketing strategy are as follows.

  •  In the first week of purchase you can ask ‘How are you liking the product and how is it changing your daily life’?
  • After 15 days, you can send a question asking ‘Did you explore the latest feature in the product’?

So, go ahead and make the best use of the holiday season.