Things to look for when choosing an email marketing software

Nowadays there are literally 100s of email marketing service providers out there offering different features. Some of them are more popular than others. With that said, the basic features to really get the results remain the same. Before pointing out those features one cannot miss the importance of deliverability.

No matter how good the service is…if it fails to deliver to your customer’s inbox…then its just a waste. A waste of resources, time and money. Therefore, the first thing you must make sure of is the deliverability. At Email it, we have a great deliverability rate and we invest nearly 70% of our time purely on improving this rate for our customers.

Here are some of the features that email marketers would benefit from:


You need to be able to design your email campaigns with ease. This means choosing a good html email template, personalising it by use of custom fields – such as referring to your customer by their first name, adding images with ease to insert into your email campaign, and previewing how your campaign would look on ESPs like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and so on.

Good Marketing Tools

A/B testing is a crucial feature that an email marketing software must have. It not only allows you to send out the best version of your email campaign but also track results. This gives you valuable insights on what you can improve on. Being able to schedule your campaigns as per your timezone is also important especially for the open rates that differ by what time you send your email campaign. Ability to create subscription forms would be another powerful tool in acquiring new subscribers.

Campaign Management Tools

Next important tool is a spam checker which allows email marketers to scan their email content using Spam Assassin (one of the most commonly used software in many business to stop spam). It gives you a score along with any recommendations. This information increases deliverability and therefore, the open rate. Dynamic Content Blocks is another must. It allows you to customise email content based on your subscribers. Lastly, you need automatic bounce management to remove bounces automatically from your list.


Yet another important feature is the ability to trigger your email campaign based on your subscriber actions. Lets say someone has clicked on “50% sale banner” in your email campaign and you setup an auto-responder that gives a further “10% off” if they act fast. You can setup this auto-responder to go out every time a subscriber clicks on the “50% sale banner” in your email campaign. It has great potential to increase you sales and its love by many professional email marketers.

Integration Options

These days you have many sites offering various services for your business. Zendesk – offering help desk, Google – Mail, Documents, Batchbooks – CRM, and so on. Keeping all these contacts in one place is a tough job. Therefore, you need an integration to these different providers so you can target them all in your email campaign without the hassle of importing and exporting contacts.For best results, you should segment subscribers as per their interest groups or other variables and design a campaign targeting them. Making use of custom fields is a great way to start.

Statistics & Reporting

The most important difference to sending emails through your default email client and using tailored email marketing software is the ability to track the emails you send. Its important to have this information because knowing how many people are opening your email campaign will give you an estimate of the results you should anticipate from it. Statistics on social reactions will help you target those on social sites much better. You could also use this data to target specific subscribers or interest groups.

Overall, choosing an email marketing solution doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to know what you are looking for and see which company offers great pricing on those features you are after. At Email It, we have been providing email marketing services for a long time now…so we know what we are talking about. Talk to us about your email marketing needs today!