Social Media and Email Marketing

Marketing via email has been long lost since the inception of the social media marketing. Email marketing is an effective tool to reach a desired audience in the shortest time span. Email newsletters provide a deep insight and focus largely on customer segment driven content. Today, social media is the hottest thing, but when the effectiveness of social media and the reach of email marketing is amalgamated results can be excellent. After all, they are two sides of the same coin.

Ways to use Social media as an integral part of Email Marketing


1) Consider customer’s feedback

You can run an online poll on Facebook or twitter asking people the reason they should subscribe to the newsletter by your organization. The feedback will help you build a newsletter and run successful email campaigns. If the majority of the users love a discount, offer discounts in the next newsletter to engage and entice them.

2) Twitter Campaign

Create a relevant twitter campaign to promote offers like e-books, white papers or products of your company. The customers should enter his/her email id to redeem the promotional products. Like this, you will develop an authentic email list, which can be used to send newsletters every month.

3) Incorporate Social Media Buttons

Adding these buttons can be of great help because it lets your readers find you on the social media platform easily. This feature will enable them to look at your organization’s profile without any glitches. You are increasing the social media presence and side-by-side building an authentic email list of future clients or customers. The email template must contain the icons of all the social media sites.

4) Ask Subscribers to Share

Just like word of mouth publicity, asking email subscribers to share enhances the marketing campaign.  You can be innovative in asking the customers to share the newsletter. And, to attract them and make sure it works, offer them incentives in the form of discounts or free giveaways.

5) Promote via Social Networking site

Social media platforms where you have a huge fan following can be used as a base to sign up for the newsletter. There is nothing wrong in this, in fact, you are simply making the signing up the process even simpler because in today’s digitized world most of the people have access to some or the other social media platforms.