New Customer Engagement

Marketers who focus on purchase history of the customer and the channel preference are more likely to engage and rope in new customers. It becomes even more important to engage the new customers when they sign up for your newsletter. The email marketing campaign should be strong and creative enough to allow successful engagement. Below are mentioned some ways to achieve new customer engagement.

1 ) Focus on positive responses shown by the ISP

ISPs track the user activity of each subscriber to whom the mail has been sent. And, it classifies the customer as positive response customers and negative response customers. The former are those customers who open your email newsletter, browse through the mail, click the links mentioned in your newsletter or moves the message from junk to Inbox whereas the latter are those customers who report the messages as spam or moves the message from the Inbox to the trash. Focusing on the positive response customers and fulfilling their requirements is the best way to keep the new customers engaged.

 2) Design a re-engagement campaign

Once you have identified the negative response or the inactive customers, it is time to focus on the inactive users and make them the potential new customers once again. The re-engagement campaign is difficult as it involves a lot of creativity and they are always aggressive in nature. The main aim of the re-engagement campaign is to pique the interest of the customers and relate to them. The campaign can consist of online surveys, special discounts and offers, etc.

 3) Recognizable emails

In order to capture the minds of the new customer, design email newsletter that are easily recognizable to them. If they are familiar with your email or if you follow a certain trend in your email they are more likely to open the message and read it. Even including the logo of your brand will help you engage the new customers on board.

 4) Keep a hawk eye on your competitors

Monitoring the engagement process of the competitors will help you understand the reasons for their successful email campaign. You can also compare the effectiveness of their email marketing campaign to enhance your campaign. Once you understand the reason why customers are choosing their product over yours, you can revamp the email marketing tactic to engage and entice the new customers.