How we stop spam?

Every now and then we’ll get a question about how we ensure good delivery rates or how we make sure spammers don’t abuse our software. We’ve just added the info to our site, but it seems to be a topic of interest so I thought I’d echo it here. From personal experience, we know how frustrating it can be when you work hard on a campaign only to see it never get close to your recipient’s Inbox. We take deliverability very seriously, so here’s a quick summary of some of the measures we have in place to ensure you never have to deal with this problem:

  • Our delivery servers have been whitelisted by major ISP’s. Thanks to Sendgrid (top email delivery engine) that delivers all our emails for us. We worry about making our campaign software better as Sendgrid takes care of delivery your campaigns to inbox rather than spambox.
  • Our Sendgrid Partner monitors blacklist daily. If a server is ever listed (and it does happen ever so rarely), they remove it from the cluster immediately and resolve the issue on behalf of our customers.
  • Until a customer has been approved, every large campaign is reviewed by our team before it can be delivered. Any spammy campaigns are removed and the account closed immediately. This occurs for Free Plan users as well when they send their initial campaigns until we gain trust on them.
  • Our team verifies all large lists that are imported and ensures they comply with our strict permission policy. We also test against our anti-spam rules to see if any of the lists are closely matched. If we find it suspicious, we inform the client immediately of our suspicion to clear it off.
  • Every email sent using our software contains a single click unsubscribe link.
  • Our abuse email account is monitored closely and every complaint is followed up promptly. Our software is directly integrated into abuse complaint systems for some large ISP’s. If a sender receives an unacceptable number of complaints their account is terminated.

We certainly don’t pretend to offer 100% deliverability, no-one can. What We can promise is that we take every step necessary to keep the bad guys from abusing our software and the good guys sticking to best practice. We apologize to any new customers who might experience a delay when their campaign is being approved, but trust us, it’s definitely worth it.