How to Increase the Email Marketing Database and Enhance Customer Relationship

With the social media and mobile marketing dominating the world of internet, many marketers think that marketing through the email is getting lost somewhere in the big world. However, email marketing even today is a tool, which helps a plethora of marketers to build a long-term relationship with their clients. And, according to a survey conducted, more than 80 percent of the people subscribe to the newsletter, just to receive information about the discounts, deals and coupons. Email marketing can effectively become a platform for creating a huge database of customers. The database can be enhanced and a personal touch to the email campaign is given by the following ways.

 1) Build profile of the customers

With the email, you can understand the need and requirement of the customers easily. All the other platforms will give you details only regarding the purchase activity, but an email goes one step ahead of that. You can build a full profile of the customer within a few seconds and easily understand what they like and what they dislike. The data obtained can be effectively used to create content and marketing campaigns, which will drive a lot if traffic, convert the potential customers into customers and enhance the relationship with the customer.

2) Give them a reason to trust

When a customer subscribes to the email newsletter, it is a clear indication that the customer somehow is connected with your brand. Engaging such customers is not a daunting task. You can experiment with these customers by changing your taglines, voice, etc. to understand what is liked and disliked. Give them a reason to trust your brand, identify your unique selling points and you give the customers what they are looking for. Ask for their valuable feedback and let them know you actually care for them.

3) Interactive Content

Active, fresh, and interactive content appeals to more to the customer. And, it is the leading way to drive engagement and build long-lasting relationship with the prestigious customers. Therefore, think of innovative ways like, if you are selling a pop album, then on the email make an interactive clock displaying the number of users who have already purchased the album. Think-out-of the box and create interactive and interesting content.