How Email Open Tracking Records Open Rate?

When an email campaign is sent with open tracking enabled…We embed a tiny, transparent image at the very bottom of your HTML email. We call this an “opens” tracker or a “web beacon” as some refer to it. The image is unique to each campaign you send and email.

Every time someone opens your email campaign, the open-tracking image is downloaded from our server. When its downloaded off our server, we know precisely how many times it has been downloaded and thereby which unique email this graphic was included in. This allows us to display how many emails have been opened and the number of times they have opened this email campaign.

Open tracking is usually selected by default when sending your email camapign. It can be turned off if you don’t wish your the number of opens to be tracked.

Other information

  • You can’t embed graphics into plain-text emails. So open email tracking works only where you send an HTML email campaign. Therefore the number of opens you see in the control panel might actually be less that the actual number of opens since some of your subscribers want to receive text version of your email campaign only.
  • Also we can only track opens when the email client has images turned on. This is usually not the case. When your subcribers receive a HTML email…the email client usually displays an option whether to load the images or not. If they choose not to load the images, the tracking image won’t be downloaded which means we can’t track them.
  • To avoid this problem, you can ask your subscribers to add your “FROM” address that you usually send from to be added into their contact list. By doing so, the images will be turned on by default and all your email campaigns opens will have very accurate readings.
  • It is important to check the privacy policy of your company. Sometimes they have a restriction on use of “web beacons” in email messages explicitly.

Image Credit: Rachael Macgregor