Enterprise Level Email Marketing Features

Many of you have asked us about listing down the types of features you get with our platform. So we thought it would be wise to put it down in a blog post. These are again just some of the features that our email marketing platform provides. If you wish to see them all, why don’t you head down to the pricing section for monthly plans or non-expiring credit to read each feature set.

Build your subscriber list
  • Accept new subscribers directly from your web site
  • Add subscribers to your database one at a time
  • Upload your existing subscriber list directly
  • Synchronize data by connecting to a database
  • Build mailing list segments as desired
  • Export your subscriber list at any time
Create professional emails
  • Choose from dozens of professional email designs
  • Choose the colors and images you want to place
  • Upload your attachments to include in your emails
  • If you can use Microsoft Word you can use Email It
  • Create eye-catching, highly responsive email messages
  • Add personalized content and custom data (Eg. Age)
Send personalized messages
  • Address subscribers by their first name
  • Send based on specific criteria such as gender
  • Include subscriber details in your email
  • Include customer preferences in your email
  • Include custom data you have added
  • Create dynamic content blocks
Follow up through Auto-responders
  • Put your email marketing on autopilot
  • Send unlimited auto-responders to subscribers
  • Include subscriber details in your auto-responders
  • Build trust in your subscribers and convert them to customers
  • Create leads and follow up through series of campaigns
  • Integrate Paypal for direct sale through email
Segment and Filter Contacts or Subscribers
  • Send an email campaign to a segment
  • See number of active contacts per segment online
  • Create segments and group contacts across multiple lists
  • Filter contacts by subscription information (active, bounced)
  • Filter contacts by their actions (opens, clicks, forwards)
View Detailed Email Campaign Statistics
  • See who opened your email and when they opened it
  • See who clicked on links in your email and when
  • See how many people subscribe to your list over time
  • Improve your campaigns and find out what works
  • See which contact viewed it on the browser
  • See how many contacts forwarded or shared socially
  • Easily export them to CSV or XML