Email Template Parameters

[box_note] We have upgraded our software platform and therefore these old parameters will not work anymore. Please see the new parameters that you can use in a much later post in our blog. [/box_note]

Many have been asking what parameters to use from the time we moved to our new platform. So we thought it would be useful to put all the parameters available that you can use in your email template. Please make sure you use the link parameters in place of “URL” field (Hyperlinks).

%Date=…% – Date of time when the email campaign was delivered

Subscriber Information
%Subscriber:BounceType% – Show’s Bounce Type information of recipient
%Subscriber:EmailAddress% – Present’s Email Address of recipient
%Subscriber:OptInDate% –  Date when the recipient had opted in to your mailing list
%Subscriber:SubscriberID% – Display’s subscriber’s ID assigned to each subscriber
%Subscriber:SubscriptionDate% – Display’s date when the recipient signed up
%Subscriber:SubscriptionIP% – The IP address recorded at the time of opt-in
%Subscriber:SubscriptionStatus% – Current status of the recipient
%Subscriber:UnsubscriptionDate% – Date when the recipient has unsubscribed
%Subscriber:UnsubscriptionIP% – The IP address when the recipient unsubscribed
[condition1<>condition2,true_value,false_value] – Conditional values for content blocks

Campaign Links
%Link:Forward% – Generates unique forward email link for each subscriber
%Link:WebBrowser% – Generates link to view email campaign in the browser
%Link:ReportAbuse% – A link generated to report abuse about your email campaign
%RemoteContent=http://% – Helps you pull remote content from different URL

Social Share Links
%Link:SocialShare:Twitter% – Creates a link to share your email on Twitter
%Link:SocialShare:Facebook% – Creates a link to share on Facebook

Mailing List Links
%Link:Unsubscribe% – Unique link to unsubscribe from your list
%Link:SubscriberArea% – Unique link for your subscribers to edit their details

Mailing List Information
%List:ID% – Display’s list id for the mailing list
%List:Name% – Display’s your mailing list name

Your Information
%User:FirstName% – Your First Name
%User:LastName% – Your Last Name
%User:EmailAddress% – Your Email Address
%User:CompanyName% – Your Company Name
%User:Website% – Your Website URL
%User:Street% – Your Street Address
%User:City% – Your City Name
%User:State% – Your State Name
%User:Zip% – Your Zip Code
%User:Country% – Your Country’s Name
%User:Phone% – Your Phone Number
%User:Fax% – Your Fax Number
%User:TimeZone% – Your Time Zone