Email Marketing Tactics for Everyday

Today, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to introduce your brand to the people. However, making the people to open their emails is another game, especially when hundreds of businesses out there are trying to win the trust of the customers. Unless your email copy is outstanding making an impact is next to impossible. Follow the given below email marketing tactics to make your email stand out of the multitude and attract the readers to your brand.

Get the right name

Will you love talking to someone who mispronounces your name? So why would your readers respond if you misspell their name? Getting the name of the customer wrong is a sure shot way to getting deleted without a second thought. Imagine a customer who is scanning his email, opens your email and it is addressed to ‘Mith’ instead of ‘Smith’. It immediately gets deleted and you lose a potential customer. Therefore, use the name a customer has given during the sign-up while sending messages to the customers. The digital customers give importance to such minute details before making a final choice.

Include a link

Integrating your social media links in your email messages will give you exposure to more customers. A lot of customers use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Adding links to your social media pages will drastically increase your exposure and help in building a positive reputation. When a customer likes your Facebook page, the friends of your customers can see your page. This increases your penetration in the market. Therefore, whenever possible, include a link to your social media pages in your email newsletter.

Offer free coupons and resources

Depending upon your business and the age group of the target audience, offer free coupon related to your products or services. If you’re in the saloon business, offering a 5% discount to customers to agree to share their email address, will help in increasing the customer base. Additionally, you can offer free webinars, ebooks and whitepapers to customers who want to know more about your brand and products.