Competitors can Reveal About Email Marketing

Email marketing is not as easy as people think it to be. In email marketing, the competition is not only with the competitor, but you also compete to with the subscriber’s attention. In short, you are competing with them as well. Keeping a track of your competitor’s activity can help you in a plethora of ways. And, the first step is subscribing to their newsletter. The competitors will show you aspects of email marketing which otherwise you will find it difficult to explore.

1) Watch them closely

Vigilantly watch your competitors and see how they are getting people to sign up for their newsletter. Are they offering any gifts or free coupons for every subscription or any other incentive is given to the customers. Your competitors might have a link to sign up on their website itself, and this could be the reason for their huge database list. Try to watch them as closely and possible, and implement ideas which can pull the customers to your campaign. Doing this will help you target areas which you would have never thought of.

 2) How many emails to send

Customers sometimes are irked by frequent promotional mails, and as an email marketer it is your job to ensure that a reasonable number of mails are sent daily, so that your campaign is not hampered. Track the number of mails sent by the competitors and the type of offers they give which is enticing the customers. You may be sending newsletters daily, whereas your competitors might send it once a week, making people wait for their newsletter. This can cause a significant difference. Pay attention to the subject line to understand what is working for them and what is not working for you. Make the changes to watch the desired changes in your open and click rate.

 3) Content is the king

Mere promotion of your products via email will do no good for your campaign. Instead, sending a right blend of promotional and informational stuff is the need of the hour. And, this is exactly what your competitors might be doing.  Read their newsletter and mails to understand the best strategy for your business.