7 Superpowers Behind the Success of Email Marketing

Did you know that more than 78% of the customers prefer email as a mode of communication?  Even after decades, email still remains on top of the list, when it comes to attracting more and more customers. Apart from increasing the ROI, it gives your business a proper boost. The secret of success lies in knowing your customers in and out. Marketers who focus only on sales never reach the target audience. As a marketer, you need to understand that email marketing is not a rocket science, you need to adhere to the basic strategies and follow the best practices to taste success. Apart from proper strategy, you also need these superpowers to fly sky-high.

1) Enhance your CTA

The power of Spiderman was due to the bite of a spider, similarly the only source of power that fuels your email marketing campaign are a call-to-action. Tweaking changes in the CTA will garnish more conversion and help your brand come across as a business leader. For enhancing the CTA of the marketing campaign, you can

  • Use strong action verbs like watch or download instead of try or click. Strong verbs instigate the readers to take the desired action.
  • Use urgency words such as ‘Sale for today only’, ‘Offer ends in 6 hours’, etc. whenever necessary because it creates a sense of urgency, which spruce up the CTA.
  • Keep the CTA extremely simple and easy to comprehend. Being verbose in the CTA will confuse the readers.
  • Focus on using only one CTA per email, otherwise, the whole objective of sending the email is defeated.

2) Measure your performance

Email marketing is measurable and provides crucial metrics, which helps in taking important business decisions. Furthermore, it helps companies and brands make informed adjustments to the marketing campaign based on the results. For each and every email campaign, you can easily track how many people opened it, clicked it, what the reader did with your email and how much revenue each marketing campaign generated. Such metrics form the basis of taking key business decisions, which affects the entire business.

3) Personalization

Companies who address the customers by their name in their subject line and content, tend to witness six times higher transaction rate. Businesses, focusing on personalization have an approximately 41 percent higher unique click rate.

Furthermore, include personalized product recommendation based upon their data such as demographics, purchase history, lifestyle, preferences and location. These variables help a business in selling cross-functional products to the customers and helps customers in finding a new service or product. Personalization is the biggest superpower that drives the success of an email marketing campaign.

Switch to email personalization from today!

4) Astonishing ROI

For every $1 spent, email marketers generate an ROI of $38, which is the highest among different marketing platforms.  Irrespective of the number of marketing tools available in the market, email is definitely the best bet for your business. Many businesses turn to email when they want to launch a new product or offer a promotional code to the customers. For many years, increasing the ROI is often linked to the growing size of the customer base and market penetration. From mobile optimization, visual impact and integration, everything increases ROI.

5) Email is unobtrusive

Most of the superheroes in the world make a dramatic entry but is simply there. Email is something that offers and gives your client the independence to read it at their leisure. Without making a dramatic entry, email does its work of reaching the inbox of the target audience. When the marketing method is unobtrusive, it effectively communicates to the customer.

Therefore, use your email marketing wisely to reach your target audience and build online rapport.

6) Builds relationship

Undoubtedly, email marketing is the number one choice when it comes to boosting revenue, generating leads and increasing website traffic. However, one of its superpower lies in the fact that it builds and strengthens long-term customer relationships.

To build a long-lasting relationship, keep your emails short, personal and professional. Never make it obvious for the person that you have sent the same email to 1000 other recipients because it ruins your reputation. Furthermore, always focus on writing in a personal tone because people trust brands that they are confident about as opposed to brands who don’t have a face. This builds trust and strengthens your brand personality.

7) Conversion Optimization

According to a report by Litmus, 56% of customers open their email on a mobile and 19% open on their desktop. The statistics that capture the attention is, 91% customers check their email via their smartphone at least once a day. Therefore, you need to ensure that email campaigns are designed for tablets and smartphones, which is not limited to responsive design.

With tablets and smartphones dominating the email open rate, it’s essential that you ensure your emails and landing pages speak directly to the target audience. Optimize the messages and focus on creating interesting content to win the trust of the customers.

Don’t be afraid of trying new tricks and techniques. Steer far away from the blunt method of powerful subject line and newsletter content. Customize your email marketing strategy and jump-start your email marketing campaign to reach your business goals.

Always remember that email is the core power of your business and you need to effectively answer questions your subscribers ask in order to increase the marketing metrics. Deliver your audience an extremely thought provoking subject line and relevant message to every single person on the email list. Effective email marketing campaign increases your bottom line and helps in engaging new customers in a cost-effective and unique manner.