5 Ways to Streamline your Strategies using Email Marketing Automation

Today, email marketing automation is a critical arsenal in the armory of your customer engagement strategy. These platforms are capable of setting up complex automation workflows to keep the customers in the sales pipeline. Marketing automation is empowering marketers to send hyper-personalized messages and allow you to focus on deep analytics. For online businesses that rely heavily on customer engagement and subscriber’s list – a marketing automation plan is essential.

Leaping from a sloth to an efficient and fast leopard is a must for successful email operation. It not only curbs the expended efforts but helps in delivering effective messages to the target audience.

However, this evolution will not happen overnight; you need to focus on the following strategies to streamline the evolution of email automation.

5 Ways to Streamline your Strategies using Email Marketing Automation

1) Ponder over your lead magnets

The first and most crucial step of streamlining strategies using email marketing automation is encouraging people to sign-up for your newsletter using the appropriate lead magnet. The lead magnet should pique the interest of the customer. Rather than offering an instant reward, offer something valuable to create a long-term relationship with the customers. Create lead magnets that are clear and forces the lead to become a loyal customer. Furthermore, test several forms to understand what is working with the target audience.

2) Create an awe-inspiring welcome email

A welcome message creates a perception of your brand because it is the first interaction with your customer. Therefore, it is important to create an engaging and compelling welcome email to fulfill the expectation of the readers. Use images to make the email message interesting and visually attractive. Write who you are, what you do and how is your brand different from the counterparts. Send welcome messages only to the new subscribers because every subscriber is a different funnel in the sales funnel.

3) Never overlook lead nurturing

Maintaining a perfect balance between personalization and automation is critical because it indicates your genuine interest towards every recipient. Lead nurturing is all about consistency and marketing automation will undoubtedly help you nurture the experience of the digital customers. Deliver content that will help the customer mover smoothly in the buyer’s journey and follow up immediately to ensure loyal customers.

4) Create the right triggers

When using email automation, you should be clear about your expectations from the processes you are trying to automate. You need to answers the following questions:

How will automation benefit the email marketing campaign?

How can you save time using automation while increasing the effectiveness of the marketing campaign?

Always remember that the ROI of your campaign is directly proportional to your email goals. Therefore,  have a clear idea of what you’re expecting from the marketing automation during the initial stage to avoid disappointment later on.

5) Real-time emailing

Increasing email interactivity is a great way to boost the customer engagement. The travel industry is focusing on real-time emailing by offering customers an opportunity to choose their bus seats or flight seats through an email. Such real-time emailing using email marketing automation is helping marketers to increase the customer engagement and revenue.