5 Incredible Ways to Unlock the ROI of White Label Email Marketing Software

Counter to the hoax that email is long dead, email marketing works and produce incredible results.  The email newsletters you send has a purpose and should force the recipient to take action. And, if you want the white label email marketing software to enhance the ROI, your emails should be – clear, concise and compelling. However, assessing the ROI depends upon on your sales strategy and the business objective. The good news is – you can generate significant ROI through the email campaign.


5 Incredible Ways to Unlock the ROI of White Label Email Marketing Software


Read ahead to explore incredible ways to unlock the ROI of your marketing campaign.

1) Adequate planning

During the initial planning stage, it’s crucial to know how you will assess and measure the progress of the email campaign and how will you determine whether you’re stepping closer to achieving your goal. However, a plethora of marketers, find it challenging to connect the marketing goals to the actual cost involved. Undoubtedly, planning is paramount if you wish to conquer the email world. For better marketing ROI, consider the following factors during the planning stage.

– Use a verification software to send messages to a clean list
– Include only one call-to-action per email
– Craft compelling content with strong subject line
– Test before hitting the send button

2) Use third-party tools

There is nothing wrong with using report and tracking tools to enhance the ROI of your campaign. Use Google analytics to tag every email campaign to campaign tags and track the performance of the campaign. By clicking the tags, the information is sent to Google analytics, which sends you information on the performance of each tag. It will help you tweak changes and reach the desired ROI in no time. Additionally, for sending the messages, focus on using a white label email marketing software to ensure messages reach the inbox of the readers.

3) Determine the variable

You simply cannot pick a variable and calculate the ROI of your efforts. Based on your business model gather important variables such as the number of contacts, average cost per contact, revenue generated, cost per responder, cost per customer, response rate, conversion rate, etc. Each of the variables listed will give you a holistic view of how much you’re spending on every email. It will ease the process of calculating the ROI.

4) Enhancing the ROI

After assessing the variables on which the ROI relies, it’s time to enhance the ROI by focusing on the following methods.

– Customer re-engagement campaigns
– Shopping cart abandonment campaigns
– Email list optimization and segmentation
– Testing different subject lines and content
– Reviewing the analytics and comparing previous results
– Testing email designs on different devices

Furthermore, with these methods, you will always remain at the top of the minds of the customers, and you effectively increase your brand awareness.

5) Comparing the results

It’s always a great marketing tactic to compare the results from white label email marketing software with the industry benchmark. Also, it will give you useful insights into the performance of your marketing efforts.

Therefore, try different avenues to understand what the target audience responds to and replicate the same in the marketing campaign.