4 Ways of Testing Emojis in your Email Marketing Campaign

From movies to games, Emojis surprisingly have captured the attention of the customers across the globe and is helping businesses spark the interest with their target audience. While an overdose of it will turn off the subscribers, appropriate usage will build the connection with the subscribers. Therefore, if you’re looking to use emojis, you need to be careful because it can make or break your marketing campaign. Most companies prefer to use emojis in the email subject line to garner the attention of the target audience.

email subject line

Here are a few ways of testing the appropriate usage in the emails you send to the customers.

1) Ensure the emojis make sense

According to a research, the poop emoji has the highest rate, but it doesn’t mean it will go well with every message and in every industry. The emoji might not be suitable for certain industry and can trigger negative emotions among the customers. You need to be conscious of the brand identity before using any emoji in the subject line. For example, a customer will never be happy to see the poop emoji in a newsletter offering a discount on a food outlet. When emojis do not make sense, it will destroy your relationship with the customer. They might never return to your brand.

2) Use only when necessary

A plethora of customers loves seeing emojis in their inbox because it is considered as a novelty factor. In email marketing, never be surprised if an emoji previously delivering high result suddenly reaches the spam folder.  Using one emoji is likely to impact its performance because customers feel bored seeing the same emoji over and over again. Furthermore, avoid using the same one in the email subject line and the body because it will not create interest in the readers. Focus on using it whenever necessary, to effectively leverage the power of emojis in the email body.

3) Ensure emojis display properly

A subject line with a broken or half image is likely to become the target of complaints by the customers. Broken emojis creates a negative impression and readers are less likely to open it. Testing them, before sending is crucial, otherwise, the whole meaning of spending time on it will become meaningless. Additionally, you need to make sure that the emojis are supported by the mailbox provider and compatible with the mobile devices. Many email marketers overlook this aspect and end-up reaching the spam folder. The display aspect is essential to ensure the success of the email campaign.

4) Keep an eye on the competitors

There is nothing wrong in testing different formats of using emojis in the subject line. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing to know what is working with the target audience. Borrow some ideas from the competitors to avoid committing similar mistakes.

Your email campaign is likely to take a flight with using emojis. Research on the latest one that captures the attention of the customers. Always remember that customers want something special from your emails and emojis will help you achieve it.