4 Reasons to Stay in Touch with your Customers

You’d like them to buy from you again
Every business out there exists to make some sort of profit. To make a profit, there is always an exchange of goods and services for some sort of monetary value. Using email marketing allows you to track who bought your product, and keep in touch with them through setting up auto=responders. Using email campaigns as a way of promotion allows exposure to your new products. This in-turn increases your profit as customers will choose to buy your new products.

You would like feedback on your product/service.
Feedback has become an important part of business. Traditionally, Businesses had to wait for a response from their customer through the amount of sales they get from a new product. With an immense growth of technology, businesses can receive feedback almost instantly. It can be collected through a simple link in your email campaign or through a sidebar widget that helps customers voice out their opinions.

You would like the customer to give you a testimonial.
Testimonials can be considered as decision base for your potential market or potential customers for your products. Communicating with your customers on a regular basis about new updates, improvements, upcoming products/services will provide your customers a good impression about your products/services. It will prone them towards giving a testimonial which can be placed on your website or email campaigns for further sales.

You would like to understand an issue from the customer’s perspective.
All the effort put into research and development for your products/services come from resolving a solution from the customer’s point of view. You can certainly keep it this way through communicating with your customer base for your upcoming products/services. To really know what your customers prefer, you can use A/B testing and see which campaign does better. The obvious enthusiasm that your customer shows for each campaign can be used to base your decisions on.

You need to choose a right marketing platform that will help you keep in touch with your customers and what better than our email marketing product. It allows you to track each recipient activity and helps you to know your customers real well as to when they are usually free, what they like to read more about, and the product/services they love the most. Start today by signing up for a FREE account online.