4 Popular Email Marketing Strategies

While a plethora of online businesses are running after the gimmick of digital marketing platforms, email marketing is stealing the show from the back door. Email is a killer marketing strategy, both in terms of reach and ROI. According to a survey, more than 70% of the companies prefer using email newsletters to capture the attention of the customers. Gone are those days when sending a mere promotional email will increase the customer base. Today, customers need instant digital gratification. Whether you’re a startup company or a big brand, the following email marketing strategies will help you win the trust of the customers.

Optimize for mobile

Today, a majority of emails is being opened on a mobile, which has given the power to reach the audience in all fields. In practice, using a single column for emails and newsletters is advisable because it allows easier viewing and fits almost every mobile screen. Email copy that is not for a mobile device, usually lands in the spam folder. When your messages are not optimized, it eliminates content, which results in negative online reputation.

Focus on segmentation

According to research, 78% of marketers focus on basic segmentation meaning that they slightly tweak their email marketing campaigns for readers. However, slight changes will not help you reach the desired audience, you need to understand the requirement of your readers. When you send same messages to every customer, it lessens your email marketing efforts.

Include video marketing

Videos increases the potency and reach of your marketing messages by effectively delivering the message. Therefore, focus on including a video related to your company or product and send it to the customers. Your customers are going to love a short, crisp and interesting video. However, do not make the mistake of embedding a video in the email. Instead, send a video link to the customers to avoid delay in downloading the email.

Encourage sharing on social media

Urge your customers to share your messages on different social media platforms. It will help you increase your reach. Focus on offering incentives and small offers to customers who willingly share your emails with their friends and family members.