4 Common Email Subject Line Errors to Avoid

You have crafted the most compelling copy and the email design is appealing, but without a proper subject line, all your efforts will go in vain. Today, the subject line is a tool available with the marketer to convince the subscribers to open their emails. Therefore, creating the perfect subject line is extremely important as it will decide the fate of the customers. Here are three types of email subject lines you need to avoid.

Using spam words

Today, with the stringent CAN-SPAM law, a plethora of email services have developed extremely sophisticated filters that can catches spam words present in the subject line. Presence of any such word filters your message as spam, ruining all your efforts. Therefore, as far as possible, avoid words such as earn, click, subscribe and buy to avoid any disruption. And, once if your messages reach the spam folder, making it to the inbox if next to impossible. Play cautiously to avoid unwanted scenarios.

Misleading subject lines

If your subject line is about a discount on all the products, but you’re asking the customer to sign up for the webinar, you’re likely to annoy a loyal customer. It reduces your credibility as a business because you’re trying to fool people who generate revenue. Therefore, focus on delivering value to the customer, instead of misleading a valuable customer. You need to deliver, what you promise every time to build credibility. The email marketing campaign will fail due lack of honesty.

Grammatical errors

Sentences that do not read properly mislead the customers to deduce unwanted meaning, resulting in confusion. Your subject line should be free from typos, and grammatical errors. Therefore, ensure to proofread the subject line before triggering the mail to the customers. Grammatical errors create confusion, which lowers the brand value of the brand.

Using all caps

Capitalizing the subject line indicates that you’re shouting at the customer. Moreover, subject lines with all caps comes across as spam and a majority of customers does not bother opening it. Your customers are likely to filter the messages as spam in no time.

Therefore, focus on avoiding these errors for a successful email marketing campaign.