3 Email Marketing Tips for Startups

Email marketing is the leading marketing channel for startups, but as a new entrant, you need to optimize the campaign for success. Without properly understanding the nature of your business and customer, sending content to the target audience is irrelevant. In today’s online world email delivers better results than social media. It results in three times more purchases than social media. Your startup business is likely to flourish, if you take advantage of the numerous benefits of email marketing. Here are a few marketing hacks to consider while drafting your next email marketing campaign.

Know your target audience

Can you hit the targets if you aimlessly fire in the dark? Obviously, you can’t. Running an email marketing campaign without understanding and knowing the customers is similar to firing in the dark. You need to know the audience well in advance for a successful email campaign. Without knowing the requirements, sending messages is a futile process. Focus on knowing who your customers are, what they want to buy, what motivates them to buy and their preferred mode of making a purchase. The answer to these questions will provide a holistic overview about the requirements of the target audience.

Create interesting subject lines

Often marketing gurus claim that the success of your email campaign is dependent upon the subject line.

But, do you know why?

After reading the subject line, your customers make a decision of opening the email or not. If the subject line is boring and dull, the message will be lost, irrespective of whether the content of the message is interesting. Always try to make a lucrative and irresistible offer to the customers, which they cannot deny. Additionally, you will ensure that your readers at least read the emails you send them.

Craft short and sweet messages

Today, more than 53% of the emails are opened on a mobile device and customers hate scrolling long messages. You need to make your email copy concise to gain the attraction of the target readers. Focus on using simple and plain language. Furthermore, always write in active voice and break the text into small paragraphs.

Focus on your email copy to kickstart the startup business in a grand way.