Why Your Email Marketing is Not Working?

At one point of time, email was the leading way to send messages to the target audience. But today, customers take less than a fraction of second to filter messages as spam. Marketers face a big challenge in reaching the inbox of the customers because their marketing efforts go for a downfall. Fine tune your email marketing campaign to win the trust and reach the marketing goal. Furthermore, update your mailing list on a regular basis to stay connected with customers who love to receive messages from your brand. Here are a few ways why your email marketing is not working.

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Your emails are not targeted

People never want to read any rambling copy, especially in an email. They love to open text that will hook their interest. Interesting questions and lucrative offers are two things that capture the attention of your readers. Furthermore, when asking a question to the reader, deter the Yes and No types as you deter the customers based on their response. Highlight the essential feature of your product, summarize the important details and have a clear call-to-action. Use short sentences for the readers to quickly scan your email copy.

You’re not using the side column

In email, you already have limited space to entice the readers. Under such a scenario, the right column is your best friend. You can use this space to add useful links or reiterate the offer to the readers. However, never use the right column to promote a second offer, otherwise it will confuse the readers and reduce the performance of your email marketing campaign. Make use of the right column wisely to attract the readers.

You’re sending unnecessary messages

The ideal message frequency depends heavily on the expectation of your audience and the product and services you offer. You should send at least one email per month. But, never trigger any message for the sake of sending it.

Your email design is boring

Responsive design is a fundamental requirement of a successful email marketing campaign. Chose the appropriate text, color, white spaces and font size to entice the readers.