Why Your Email Marketing is Ineffective?

Email marketing at one of time was considered dead by many marketers, but even today, it’s the leading platform to reach the target customers. If you’re sending messages without fine tuning your email marketing strategies, you will end-up losing a substantial chunk of customers. It becomes extremely frustrating, when email marketing results are disappointing, even after burning the midnight oil. When messages reach the spam folder, you can consider your email marketing dead because customers simply hate whatever you’re sending. Here are a few reasons, why your email marketing is proving ineffective.


You don’t know the customers

Blind sales pitches no longer work, instead it creates a pit where most marketers end-up falling. Before you send messages to the readers, you need to understand the requirement of your recipients. Sending pregnant women clothes offer to a teenage girl will only spur hatred for your brand. Furthermore, understand how your customers are interacting with your emails. If the open rate is high and the click-rate is low, it might mean that customers are not finding the offers tempting. Focus on knowing your customers for effective email campaign.

You’re not considering personalization as important

Today, most marketers segment their email list to gather as much customer information as possible. This information helps in sending personalized messages to the customers. A customer who purchased a computer few months back, may be interested in purchasing a new printer. Without proper segmentation, you cannot entice the customer to purchase a product. Personalization holds the key when it comes to a successful email marketing campaign.

You’re overdoing it

Excess is any and every form is bad. Sending too many messages in a week will turn away the customer. Sending blatant marketing messages only lead to a customer who is searching for a un-subscribe link in your messages. Never bombard the inbox just because the customer has given you permission to send promotional messages. Will you like to receive 4-5 emails from a brand on a weekly basis? Put yourself in the shoes of your customer before overdoing your email marketing.