Why your Ecommerce Business Requires Email Marketing in 2017?

Fortunately for some marketers, email marketing is the not slowing down and over 90% of ecommerce business customers prefer to read their email at least once per day.

If you don’t find email convincing for your business, you need to browse and understand the type of ROI brands have attained with the help of email. As a marketer, you need to pay attention to your email copy because it will help you leverage the benefits of the marketing platform. Here are a few reasons why ecommerce business requires an email campaign in 2017.


Email decreases cart abandonment

For a majority of ecommerce business owners, cart abandonment is a problem because customers visit your website, select a product and leave without making a purchase. It actually gobbles up a lot of sales, but with email marketing, you can win back the trust of the customers. When you have the email address of your customer, you can easily remind them about a product left in their cart. Therefore, with email marketing, you communicate with the readers, bring them back to finish what they’ve originally started. You are bound to notice a surge in your sales figure when you focus on an effective email marketing strategy.

Email increases the sales volume

If you’re not emailing the customer, you’re actually relying on customers randomly checking your website to buy a product. And, with such stiff competition in the market, the possibility of the above to happen is minimal. Email helps you connect with the customers upfront and you can easily communicate with the readers. To attract customers to your website, you need to become proactive to increase the sales volume and figure. Furthermore, email is your one stop destination to reach the potential clients.

Email helps you know the customers

You need to find what customers like in order to increase the customer retention rate. With email marketing, you can easily send the customers a form asking them about their preferences. It will help you create campaigns and send offers according to the interest of the customer.

Your ecommerce business will flourish with a strategic email campaign.