Why You need to Fix your Email Marketing Strategy?

Time and again, email marketing is cited as one of the most effective form of reaching and touching the hearts of the customers. Moreover, it is cost-effective and easy to execute. You simply cannot afford to ignore this platform, if you want to make an impression. The success of email marketing is dependent upon the strategy you use. Open rates and click-through rates are a good indicator of the performance of your campaign. And, if you’re losing out on any of these indexes, follow these tips to why you need to fix your email marketing strategy.


You’re sending messages at the wrong time

Email sending time matters a lot when it comes to attracting the target audience. As far as possible, avoid sending email messages in the morning as everyone is busy and getting ready for office. Many marketers believe that sending messages early in the morning, it guarantees a top spot in the inbox of the recipient. However, you’re trying to fit your messages in an overcrowded dance floor. Focus on sending communication messages in the early afternoon hours because at that time, customers are free and they’re more likely to open your messages.

You’re using a personal account

Sending messages from your personal Gmail account is the heights of unprofessional behavior. Established email service providers know the in and out of email deliverability and messages sent from such platforms usually make it to the inbox. Your subscribers cannot take any action, if the messages don’t reach their inbox. Therefore, avoid using the Gmail account and switch to a professional email service provider. This is essential otherwise you will lose your customers to the competitors.

You did not ask permission

Believe it or not! Sending messages without the consent of the readers is a serious violation of the CAN-SPAM law. It is extremely frustrating when the privacy of the inbox is evaded by anonymous marketers. And, once if you fall in the category of anonymous marketers, fixing your email marketing strategy will become impossible.