Why Welcome Emails are Necessary?

Whenever a customer signs up for any email marketing campaign, they expect a welcome email from the brand welcoming them to their family. And, because of this reason, the open rates of a welcome email are as high as 50% and customers rarely mark them as spam. Therefore, a welcome email is just the first impression you make in front of the potential customers. If the first impression is good, you will build loyal customers for life else you will have to rethink about the whole campaign once again. As a brand, you need to take steps further to ensure that you utilize this opportunity perfectly and increase the open rates and the click through rates.


1. Personalize the greeting for each customer

Tailor the welcome email and build a long term personal relationship with the customer. You can design the welcome email in a way customers remember their first interaction with your brand. For instance, if you collected the email addresses at a book launch function, you can mention that in the email and ask the customers about their experience. This way the customer will remember the place of interaction and they will not mark the newsletter as spam, instead will read it to know more about your services and products.

2. Ask the customers to whitelist your email address

In order to ensure that the email reached the inbox of the customers, it is best to ask the customer to whitelist the email address. Many a times, due to the  presence of some words, the ISP put the newsletters in the spam folder, but if that particular email address is added to the contact list of the customer, the newsletter will reach the inbox and not the spam folder. A plethora of customers today miss out on this and potential customers are lost forever. The problem is not with your newsletter, it is with the ever changing algorithms of the ISPs. You never know when the changes can occur.

3. Consider offering a voucher

An important feature of email marketing is to offer vouchers to the customers who have just become a part of the email marketing family recently. However, a plethora of customers today use it as a sign up tactic to entice customers. The impact it will have when you send it with a welcome email is unsurpassable.