Why to use A/B Testing for Email Marketing Campaign?

A/B testing is slowly gaining popularity in the email marketing business. The testing technique is proving to be important because a small change in the structure of the email sent to the subscribers can affect the conversion rate to a significant extent. In the A/B testing process, you can easily find out the best time to send the email, type of subject line, which works with the marketers, are people attracted towards words such as ‘FREE’ or ‘DISCOUNT’.

Here are a few ways by which you can carry out the A/B testing for your email marketing campaign and run it successfully.


Segment the email list depending on the goals and requirement of the campaign and take a small sample from any of the segments.


Send two different versions of the email to the selected group. Call one version as A and the other as B.


In the A/B testing process, version A is the control group and version B is the variant group.


Track and record the results of both the versions of the email sent to the sample group. The results in the form of open rates, views, click-through rates or conversion can be recorded.


The version which produces the maximum results should be used to send to the full email list of the customer.

Before moving forward to the testing process, it is extremely essential that you have the following things in mind.

  1. Select the criteria for testing. It can be subject lines, content, images, design, fonts, video, presentation, etc.
  2. Select the parameter for determining the success rate. It can be open rates, conversion rates or click-through rates.

Additionally, as an email marketer always remember that an A/B testing is successful only when one variable or parameter is tested at a time. If more than one variable is tested, the results are not effective and the whole testing process can fail. You should ensure that the sample size selected is large enough to take statistically decisions, which in the long-run will assist your company.

A/B testing undoubtedly is the next big thing in the email marketing world and if leveraged properly can prove effective to everyone who uses it.