Why to Choose An Email Marketing Over Social Media Marketing?

Social media is undoubtedly a great tool to reach the target audience as it helps in interacting with the target audience, but it has its own limitations. Whether you’re using Facebook or Twitter, your brand will never flourish unless you communicate using email marketing. Today, more than 80% of the readers prefer communication through email marketing as it reaps the maximum benefits in terms of ROI and customer acquisition. Marketers who focus only on social media are unable to connect with thousands of readers. Additionally, these social media sites constantly update their algorithm, which makes it difficult for marketers to connect with the target readers. Here are a few more reasons to choose email marketing.


No Issues with personalization

Facebook and Twitter can drain your bank account, if you plan to focus on personalization. But, the same is not true with email marketing. You only need to keep a track of the purchase history of the readers to send personalized messages. Personalization is the key when it comes to email marketing because when you send messages according to the interest of the readers, building their trust becomes easy. Focus on creating an email marketing campaign that wins the trust of your target readers.

No word count limitation

You can send and share a broader message without worrying about the word count. On Twitter you can use only 140 characters to send your message. You cannot possibly communicate with your audience with such a low word count. In email marketing, you can develop some gimmicks to help develop a brand recognition. You can share any amount of information without worrying about the word limit. Many a times you need to send detailed information, which will help the readers and provide some useful information.

Analyze your performance

Email is a great way to obtain feedback and make continuous improvements to your email marketing campaign. Feedbacks are a great way to understand the requirements of the target audience. You can analyze your performance and make the desired changes.