Why Simplicity is Necessary in Email Marketing?

Are you scared of writing perfect emails? Especially when research has shown that less than 25% of the customers open the promotional messages, you can actually feel deserted in the huge online marketing world. The question troubling every marketer is how to steer their prospects to join their newsletter and convert into long-term customers. The key lies in simplicity and email marketing is all about reaching the target audience in the most subtle way. Here are a few reasons why simplicity is essential in every email marketing campaign.


Plain language

Today, readers don’t have time to read messages that make them refer to the dictionary again and again. Turning the prospects into potential customers require you to address the customer in relevant and simple language that is in-line with your brand strategy. When you write in plain language, it’s easily digestible by the readers and beneficial for your brand because readers will take out time to read your newsletter. Therefore, prefer a simple language and make the message a little humorous or witty to engage the readers. Avoid heavy words and write in a language easily understood even by a school

Keep the size short

According to a study, emails that are between 50 words to 125 words witness a high open rate than long messages. Short messages help in striking the right balance and helps the reader to quickly assimilate information and take the desired action. You will notice a steep dip in the open and response rate, if your messages cross 2000 words. Therefore, never send messages less than 50 words as too short messages hardly communicates the desired information. You need to understand that more than 80% of the customers only skim through the messages instead of reading it. You need to convey the messages succinctly to the target readers.

Keep the messages simple

Sharing too much information in one message is definitely not the correct marketing tactic. Establishing a clear cut and single purpose for an email will help the readers understand your business. Therefore, keep the messages as simple as possible.