Why is Your Newsletter Failing?

Newsletters are created to engage the readers and pique their interest to take an action according to their requirement. But, is your newsletter performing the same job? Are the readers liking the content and wait to hear from you again? A fantastic newsletter is the one customers love getting in their inbox, whereas uninteresting mush of content will see its way to either the trash folder or the spam folder. Readers will ignore the newsletters, and finally prefer to unsubscribe from the mailing list. Marketers many a times do not understand why the newsletter have failed. A lot of the email marketing success is dependent upon the open rate and click rate the newsletter is capable of generating. Here are a few reasons why the newsletter is unable to create the expected hype.


Newsletters do not begin from the start

Most brands send recent information and news to the readers neglecting the customers who have recently joined the marketing campaign. Everyone receives the same set of information ensuring that the new customer is completely lost in the content without being able to make head or tail out of the content. Treat your new customers in a different manner and send a series of email to bring them at par with the existing readers. Send the most useful and entertaining information within a few days of customer joining the campaign as the curiosity of the customer will be maintained. New readers need different information to get accustomed with your brand. Send newsletters according to the lifecycle of the customer.

Content and readers are disconnected

A plethora of email newsletters goes unread because the readers are unable to relate to the content. Readers subscribe to the newsletter to receive relevant and informative content, helping them succeed in their professional as well as personal life.  Shift your thinking towards creating user experience and you will notice a vast change in the marketing results. Marketers who focus on simply generating revenue send promotions and offers to the target audience, whereas marketers who believe in creating loyal customers, send meaningful content as per the requirement of the reader.

Your email marketing campaign will definitely become successful, if your newsletters are loved by the readers.