Why is Email Marketing Still Successful?

More than 200 million emails are sent every minute and this statistic is enough to silent people who consider email marketing dead. Email is still a heavily used communication channel for brands, consumers and marketers. Additionally, more than 72% of the U.S population prefer email as the mode of communication with companies and businesses. The platform certainly has a distinct advantage over all the other forms of marketing. Here are a few reasons why email marketing is still successful.

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Advantage over social media

Social media is definitely not killing email with its whistles and fancy bells. While social media may be fruitful for certain brands, you can never expect a single marketing medium to reach the target audience. Additionally, as a marketer, never get distracted by the metrics and hollow impressions that attract you towards social media marketing. Email marketing offer insightful and informative content to audience who has willingly agreed to subscribe to the newsletters. Email even today remains as the superlative medium to get in touch with the customers and helps in customer retention while the power of social media lies in customer engagement. Your email marketing campaign will definitely have an edge over your social media efforts.

Email is continuously evolving

From newsletters to targeted messages, you can monitor, test, measure and tweak your email marketing campaign to drive reader engagement. Email is continuously evolving to provide a platform that helps a brand deliver cross-channel experience. With the use of videos and animated GIFs, email marketing is no longer boring. In fact, it has become even more interesting because it gives the power to the reader to receive messages according to their taste and preferences.

Extremely effective platform

If the read rate of your newsletters is pathetically low, it does not necessarily mean that email is dead. It simply means that your emails are incapable to pique the target audience interest. Therefore, you need to focus on delivering powerful content, which attracts the reader. If done correctly, email is a powerful and resourceful marketing platform.