Why is Email marketing still Preferred?

A lot of debate is hovering over the success of email marketing. Many believe that the existence of email marketing is for a short duration while others have full faith in this marketing medium. Email is definitely not dead and is still preferred by business owners as an important means of communication with the customer. You will shocked to know that more than a million emails are exchanged in a minute across the world. The user base of email is huge and it easily surpasses the customer base of social media networking sites. It is still a heavily used marketing platform and it is a preferred mode of communication.


Unsaid advantage over social media

The hype created by social media has given rise to rumours of the death of email marketing. Social media is a fancy platform and as a marketer, you should never fall in the trap of high impressions and other useless metrics. The content shared on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is based upon the search history, the customer gets to see things they were searching online. The newsfeed will be different for every customer. This strategy may work in some cases, but spamming the newsfeed of the customer based upon their search history is irrelevant. Email marketing on the other hand focusses on offering relevant and meaningful content to customers who willingly subscribe for the newsletter. Email is indeed a superlative channel in driving sales and retaining customers.

Email is continuously evolving

The advancement of technology has enabled brands to monitor the click-through rate, open rate and engagement rate of the email marketing campaign. It helps in personalized communication and even enhances the cross-channel experience, which no marketing platform is capable of doing. Additionally, mobile devices are used to read messages, thereby further increasing the penetration of email marketing. You need to send creative and innovative content to the customers because the email is just one arm away from being read.

Email will never die even if the engagement rate and the read rate of the newsletter is low. It will only mean that the content is unable to pique the interest of the customers.