Why every Company should have an Email Newsletter?

Small business usually finds it very difficult to give a tough competition to competitors who have more resources to accomplish and build their brand in the market. When a small business can do everything to leave no stone unturned, they should include email newsletter as a part of increasing their brand value and brand awareness. Email newsletters are the best way today to keep customer loyalty and rope in new customers. And, if you are still not convinced the following reasons will make you create your own newsletter.

Reason#1 Lighthouse of information

An email newsletter will give the customers a sneak-peek in your business and you can easily connect with them. Important upcoming events, discounts and interesting insights about the industry can be shared with the consumers in an effective yet simple way.

Reason#2 Get your products highlighted

Highlighting every product on a website is probably an insane idea, which can easily jeopardize the essence of your business. But, the same can be easily accomplished with the email newsletter. Send product promotional mails separately and highlight the salient features of all your offerings.

Reason#3 Customers feel valuable

A customer feels valuable when they are feedback is taken into account seriously. And, email provides a two way communication channel wherein the customer can give open feedback to the marketer. Email marketing opens and breaks the communication gap between the customer and the clients. And, once the customers know that their concerns are being looked after, there will become loyal to your business and will also refer your brand to their friends.

Reason#4 Reward them to increase loyalty

Customers who have signed up for your newsletter are undoubtedly interested in your business. Such customers can be sent exclusive offers, discounts and coupons to let them know that you care.  Rewards and discounts to people who have subscribed to the newsletter is one of the best ways to increase the customer database and enhance loyalty.

Reason#5 See the statistics to believe it

Read the success stories related to email marketing and see how they have grown with the help of email marketing and the newsletter, which they have circulated.

The choice in the end is entirely dependent on you.