Why Email Marketing is Preferred Over Social Media Marketing?—Part II

Think and ponder over a moment about how an average man will spend their day. Do they spend time opening and replying to Facebook posts, Twitter messages and Instagram pictures? Or Are they engrossed in their work and have time only for checking their emails? If you are like other marketers, you will be spending your time creating campaigns for your social media instead of focusing on building an authentic mailing list. This mistake can cause you heavy loss in sales. In the previous post, you read about two ways why email marketing is a better choice than social media, read on further to explore two more reasons.


Engagement rate is high

Believe it or not, email marketing has a higher engagement rate and response rate than social media. As a marketer, you will under the impression that making people become a fan on Facebook or a follower on Twitter is simpler than building an email list, which yields results. Customers prefer giving away their email addresses in the opt-in form rather than linking their personal life with a professional business. Additionally, acquiring new customers through social media is difficult. You just need to put the opt-in form on the right page of your website and the results will vary drastically. With email marketing, you have all the chances of reaching into the minds of the customers.

Email is personal

Business minded people will never prefer a one-to-one conversation on Facebook because of the simple reason that a customer has all personal information on the social networking sites. Additionally, there are still a plethora of people, who do not use Facebook. Such customers can only be contacted via an email. Customers usually ignore a private message on Facebook from a company or a person unknown to them. Email marketing will help you connect and build your brand image more effectively than social media.

Email marketing is indeed a better choice for a marketer, but this does not mean that you should completely ignore social media. You can leverage the strengths of social media to build your marketing mailing list.