Why Email Marketing is Preferred Over Social Media Marketing?—Part I

You will probably be criticized by your peers for hating social media and preferring it over email marketing. Social media is great in its own sense, but given it preference over social media is not a wise marketing decision to make. Undoubtedly, social media is an extremely popular platform, but the real business is happening. Leads are converting to sales and revenue is being generated. Therefore, it is essential to put all your energy in building an authentic email marketing list to stay current with the customers and ensure a long-term relationship with the customers. You can put your social media marketing to the back seat and compare the results. Here are a few ways why email marketing is a better choice over social media marketing.


More people use Email marketing

Facebook had everyone’s attention when it crossed the 1 billion active users, but the number is far less than the number of active email marketing users. The number of active email users is more than three times the combined users of Facebook and Twitter. The reach and penetration of email marketing is far better and it is still an extremely hot commodity. You will have to go where you find your target audience is no time. With an authentic mailing list, you will be able to build a loyal customer base in no time.

No hidden formulas and tricks

Social media marketing has a different formula, which decides the type of post which will appear on the news feed of the customer. As a marketer, you will have to play a lot of tips and tricks to reach the news feed of the customer. You will not be playing any tricks when sending emails to the customers. You only need to be careful that your email is not being filtered as spam by the customers. You can easily achieve it by sending relevant and meaningful content to the customers. You no longer have to fight to reach the hearts of your customer.

Email is still a powerful tool and you can easily market your brand using it.