Why Email Marketing is an Essential Tool for Business?

More than 200 emails are sent every minute and with statistics, email is definitely not dead nor will it be anytime soon. It’s still a heavily used platform for customers, brands and enterprises. To add to these statistics, more than 72% people prefer receiving business communication via an email. Email is not going anywhere at least for a few decades. Email marketing has become an important marketing tool for every business because of its numerous advantages. Here are a few reasons why your brand needs email marketing.

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It has advantages over social media

A lot of rumors around the death of email marketing are primarily due to the excessive usage of social media. While social media is effective over email marketing in many cases, you can’t expect it to yield the desired results. Don’t get carried away by useless metrics and hollow impression that let you select social media over email marketing. Meanwhile, email marketing allows the marketer to share relevant and informative content with the readers. Email still remains the superlative marketing channel for customer retention, acquisition and sales. As a marketer, you cannot compare these two marketing channels.

It’s constantly involving

From newsletter to messages, today brands can monitor, test and tweak the email messages to drive customer engagement. Email is no longer just a medium of communication, it has become a platform, helping brands deliver a cross platform experience. Building long-term relationship is easy and simple with email marketing. You can constantly send messages without worrying about reaching the spam folder. A carefully crafted strategy is the key to success when it comes to email marketing campaign.

It’s extremely effective

When done correctly, email yields wonderful result. For example, one of the biggest challenges of email marketing is increasing the read rate of your newsletter and if the open rate is pathetically low, you cannot say that email marketing is dead. You need to change your newsletter and pique the interest of the readers by sending useful and interesting content.

Email is definitely not dead, in fact it is helping marketers reach their target audience.