Why Email Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile?

Marketers that focus on responsive email marketing design have higher engagement rates and are able to attract the customers easily. The way a consumer reacts to every day email messages is completely based upon the email design and content. Emails that are optimized for a mobile phone usually witness an increase in the open rate by more than 25%. A brand with a responsive email design drives more revenue because more than 75% of the readers read their messages on a mobile device, which is usually lying in their pocket. Any business owner not focusing on mobile designs is actually leaving behind a lot of customers.

Good for Future

Responsive mobile templates are loved by everyone because these templates work across well with many mobile devices. Customers may few their messages on different platforms such as an Android phone, Apple phone or on a desktop. If email messages are not viewed properly on any device, then the reader is likely to filter the email message as spam. It is a considerable option for the time to come as customers today are busy and lack patience when it comes to reading email messages.


Better and smarter experience

Mobile responsive design definitely makes a life lot easier for both the customers and the marketers. Happier customers results in happier business and generates more revenue. For a better and smarter experience it is necessary to move according to the technological changes and today readers are slowly shifting their user base from desktop to mobile phones. These designs are not only saving time, but prove cost-effective in the long run. Upgrades and support need to be applied only once, making it extremely easy for the marketers.

Enhances conversion rate

An optimized content on the responsive template is likely to attract the attention of the prospects. When the messages are viewed in a single column and the images do not overlap with the text, a reader is sure to get attracted and engaged.

Your email marketing campaign will never taste success if you do not adhere to mobile responsive designs.