Why Does your Sales Email gets Deleted?

Do your recipients often complain about sending uninspiring sales email?

You are probably committing a plethora of mistakes in sending a sales email to the target audience. The major problem with sales email marketing is that these types of email are impersonal and usually do not generate engagement. The conversion is oriented towards their business because of which increasing the engagement rate becomes extremely difficult. You need to transform the old sales emails to messages which leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the customers. Here are a few reasons why your sales messages are being deleted by the target audience.


Too much boasting

Sales messages boasting about your product and its amazing features will not attract the attention of the customers. Such messages do not solve the problem of the customers instead they completely ignore the problem. Bragging about your product and its accomplishment is a sheer waste of money because the customers will believe only on the proven accomplishments. Customers do not care about the accomplishments you have stated, they are more interested in knowing how the product can help them or their business. Thoughtful emails generate interests and move the customers to take a quick action. Therefore, try not to boast too much about your services, leave it to the customer to judge the product or services.

Too long emails

In the fast moving world, wherein people slog for more than 10 hours a day at the office, reading a lengthy email is simply out of the question. Each sentence counts and every wrong word works as a penalty. Long emails are deleted by the customers even before taking a glimpse of what lies in the email. Sending as long as eight paragraphs in the email message is of no use because the customer will neither have the time nor the patience to read such long sales email. The sales message should be kept to a maximum of three to five sentences.

The success of the email sales message lies in your hand. Use your email marketing campaign properly.