Why Did Your Email Marketing Strategy Lose?

For most branded email, subject line is extremely predictable and the content can put the reader into a deep slumber. And, when all the messages look alike, why will a reader take the pain of reading? On an average a customer receives more than 120 emails per day, but rarely are those messages read, especially when it comes from a branded business. Failure in email marketing strategy can cost thousands of dollars and you need to keep pace with the changing technology and customer requirement. Here are a few reasons why your email marketing strategy didn’t click with the readers.

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You forgot to monitor the statistics

According to a research, an average brand receives only 16% open rate and more than 35% of the list members are considered as Nappers, meaning that they have opened an email in the past, but have not shown interest in the past three months. And, if you ignore such statistics and the metrics of your previous marketing campaigns, you are likely to taste failure. Statistics are a great way to uplift the downfall of any email marketing campaign. Therefore, monitor the statistics like open rate, click rate, spam complaint rate and Nappers rate to engage the readers and tweak important changes in the marketing campaign.

You’re lazy

Today, one email strategy is not enough to increase engagement. Top marketers embrace several guidelines for building an experience, which includes personalization, mobile optimization, content creation and customer targeting. And, if you’re stuck with only one marketing strategy, you are losing out on potential readers. As a marketer, you need to stay active and employ different engagement strategies to attract the readers. Focus on sending dynamic and interactive content by using real time data and technology to create an engaging experience. Today, consumers want to receive valuable and relevant content.

Your experience will definitely generate customers and you’ll be successful in implementing a successful email marketing strategy. Stay active and use interactive ways to attract the readers and stay at par with the latest technology.