Why Are Your Email Marketing Campaigns Sinking?

Crafting an email marketing campaigns take time and without proper allocation of resources, you will only taste disappointment. Committing even simple mistakes in terms of design or layout can prove costly to your brand. An email marketing campaign that is not driving results is definitely a waste of time and efforts. Across all the industries, email marketing is a powerful tool and provides the best value in terms of attracting and engaging readers. Here are a few reasons, why your email marketing campaign is sinking.


Failure to test

Test each and every element of your email again and again. Many a times, brand by mistake send broken links or typos because they fail to cross-verify their messages. What will happened if you send a message to the target audience with the subject line as ‘Test’? Your customers will definitely mock you and un-subscribe from your newsletter. Therefore, double check your messages and click on all the links and ensure that the email appears properly on multiple devices. Many times a message may appear perfectly fine on Gmail, but is broken on Outlook.

No Clear CTA

What’s the main objective of your email message? Is to request a quote, or book an appointment. Whatever may be your objective, you need to accomplish it using your CTA. Without a strong CTA, users don’t know what step to take next.  A CTA that is vibrant and visible, results in more customer attraction. And, it sets customer’s expectations as to what they should do. Focus on creating a clear CTA to win the trust of the target readers and ensure a successful email marketing campaign.

Sending too often

Frequent messages are one of the leading reasons why customers filter the messages as spam. Today, your customers receive more than 100 email messages per day and if you keep triggering unsolicited emails, you will never get noticed. Therefore, it’s essential to send messages when it’s needed. Focus on creating a content calendar and send messages according to it.

Try not to follow these strategies to win the trust of your target audience.