Why an Email Marketing Campaign Needs an Auto-Responder?

In today’s world where email marketing is losing its identity because of the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, as an email marketer your task becomes even more daunting and challenging to intimate the customers with your email. You have to work hard to connect with them and one of the ways is using the auto-responder feature. Using this feature you can connect anywhere and everywhere with your potential clients. Some of the advantages of using an email auto-responder is as follows.

1) Works 24 x 7

Your email responder never sleeps meaning that even when you are not awake clients can still contact you. This feature helps in connecting with clients spread across the world. Even if you are on vacation, you can connect with your customers. You can easily set the welcome message as soon as a new user sign up and the follow up mail can be sent to the customer within 3-4 days of joining. All these tasks can be handled by the auto-responder and you can relax and have fun during the vacations.

 2) Lets you count

The email responder feature allows you to accurately determine the number of customers who actually read your email newsletter. The auto-responder gives you the data in the form of an open rate, which is the number of emails read to the number of emails sent to the customers.

3) It organizes your email list

Segmenting and segregating the customers based on whether they open the email or not is a mountainous task. However, with the use of an auto-responder you can easily accomplish this task and you can send the mails to the users according to the list generated in the auto-responder.

 4) Send out reminders

With the auto-responder feature you can easily send out reminder emails to your clients about your service and product.  Constantly, reminding them about your product at regular intervals can instigate interest in your product.

Always make sure to respond to the replies received by the email auto-responder, so that your customers are connected and they get to know, you value their replies.