What to Use Plain or HTML Email in the Email Marketing Campaign? Part -1

With email marketing gaining popularity, across the world, the decision to send the email in plain or HTML format is a decision that can affect the whole email marketing campaign. Before understanding the type of format to use, it is essential to understand the basic difference between the two. An HTML email is formatted like a formatted like a web page using a lot of colors, formatted text, tables, graphics or links. A plain email is the one, which consists of only text, it is more like what is sent in office communication.

Pros of HTML email

1) Information is organized – This format allows reduction of chunky text as bullets or tables can be used to represent the data effectively.

2) Visual Engagement is enhanced- It takes only a few seconds for the user to delete a mail. Therefore, a mail comprising of different colors or graphics will give a visual treat and grab the attention of the customer.

3) Tracking is simple – Tracking the number of people reading the email is easy and the effectiveness of the campaign can be easily judged.

4) Mobile marketing is easy – HTML email gives interactive experience to the user who opens the email through a mobile. It enhances readability and sociability.

Cons of HTML email

1) Spam- If the code is not accurate and is sloppy in nature, then the email can easily land in the spam folder of the mailbox. Once the spam scoreboard is increased, the whole marketing campaign will go for a downfall.

2) Time required – The time required to code an HTML email is higher than the time required for the plain text email. The CSS if not used in a proper way will affect the campaign. And, if you are sending personalized emails, the task becomes even more difficult.

3) Image gets blocked – A majority of the customers today keep the images turned off. Therefore, a lot of space will be left as white and this can create a negative impact on the customers. Due to the increased white space, a customer does not feel like scrolling down the email completely.