We have moved to our beta platform!

It’s been a while that we have been working to get our new beta platform underway. Today we wanted to announce that we have successfully moved to our much advanced platform. Before you had to wait for us to allocate you an account but now you can just sign up to a FREE account or a non-expiring credit account and get started immediately. We are hoping this would help a lot of our users with their email marketing efforts. Here are some new features at a glance.

1) Easy to use template editor – We have taken advice from many folks out there and implemented our very own, easy to use email template editor. It allows you to duplicate content, add images with ease, create editable regions within your email template, add formatting rules and much more.

2) Faster Delivery Rate – In our old platform, our system took time to process through each email campaign that was being sent through the system. With our new platform, it all happens from the back end and it gives us an ability to see the speed of delivery while giving comfort and assurance to users that their emails are fast tracked and sent in the minimal amount of time.

3) Easy to use interface – This was starting to become a concern for us in our previous platform. It was full of menu’s explicitly stating which menu performs which function. In our new platform, the entire process of sending your email campaign is seamlessly done. You create a list with a click of a button, create an email campaign and schedule the campaign to be sent. It is really that easy.

Having said that, we did take care of double opt-in confirmation, auto-responders, triggers,  A/B testing and many other features that you could still use. So its a win-win situation for both groups who love functionality and usability.

4) We speak your language – That’s right! Our new system has improved support for languages which means you can choose which language you want our control panel displayed and the next time you login, it will remember your choice so you don’t have any confusions on the way. We are in the process of converting many other popular languages and we hope to release our control panel in at least 10 different languages by the end of this year, so keep your eyes open for that.

5) Better Monitoring – This really comes down to our back end. Our moderators can see exactly what’s happening behind the scenes of the second. The campaign sending process is carefully monitored and quickly run through our own set of spam rules before it is sent to your recipients. This not only ensure better deliverability rates but keeps  those spam buggers off our system.

6) Community powered support – We have developed our own system of voting for ideas, problems, praise and questions. It allows users to sign up to post new questions or problems they might be encountering. Our slowly building community will respond but you can always be assured that our employees will definitely provide an answer. You can check it out over here.

7) Minor Features – There are plenty more that we could go on about but it all comes down to how users feel about our new platform. Please let us know what you think of it. There is a whole new way of segmenting subscribers, adding tags to email campaigns, managing your very own global suppression list so you don’t accidentally email people who you know have opted out of your list previously.