Ways to Integrate Social Media with Email Marketing

Email marketing is an evergreen platform, whereas social media is a trending and popular platform especially among the youths. They both go hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive. The social media is going under a lot of evolution and integrating it with email marketing will help the business reach the next level. The operating efficiency of the marketing campaign will increase with the integration because you will be able to leverage the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. Using social buy buttons is trending among the marketers and approximately close to two-thirds marketers are already using the social buttons to enhance the user experience. Here are a few ways to integrate social media with email marketing.


Social icons in the email communication

Using the social icons in the email communication is the leading way to integrate the social media with email marketing. Although, the method might seem very obvious, but inserting the social media buttons is essential and the most effective step in increasing the customer base. The buttons of the social media icons should be large and noticeable. Hiding the buttons in the corner of the email message is a waste because customers today scan the email message instead of reading it completely. The icons will go unnoticeable when placed in the corner. Whether it is the newsletter or the sign-up form, remember that social icons will help you build trust and gain the attention of the readers.


The content is the king of your email, but the language, style, font and images are equally important. These factors will either pull the customer to the brand or drift them away from the marketing campaign. A smart email template is the answer to your questions. Additionally, having a great landing page is crucial because it’s the place where the marketers ask the customers to take a desired action. The landing page needs to maintain the same design and tone as that of the email message.

Your email marketing campaign will become extremely successful when the integration with social media is done successfully.