Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign- Part II

In the previous part, you came across three ways of improving the email marketing campaign. Today, email marketing is one of the most useful marketing platforms as it helps in increasing customer engagement. Sending messages to readers who do not open and read your messages will negatively affect the delivery rate. And, low delivery rate is not a good sign for the success of a marketing campaign. Read ahead to explore few more plausible ways of further improving your campaign.

Constantly test

As an email marketer, you need to constantly test featured content, subject lines, send time and creative content. Use A/B testing to understand what resonates with the target audience. Through A/B testing you can effectively determine what your target audience wants and understand the best way to keep the readers engaged. However, while conducting A/B testing keep the variations subtle to understand the difference in the open rates and the conversion rate. Test the same email message with two different subject lines and different time of sending. Constant testing of different variations ensure that you are more data-driven.


Clean the email list

A well-maintained lists consistently delivers higher engagement rate than the stale email marketing list. Ensure that you remove email addresses that have not been engaged for a quite some time. Sending messages to people who are not interested will only lower the deliverability rate. You need to simply remove the subscribers who have not engaged in the past 12 months. Clean the marketing list regularly to ensure high open and conversion rate.

Find the best time to reach your customers

When sending email messages to the readers consider the time zone of the customers. Sending messages when the reader is fast asleep is never a good idea because the email will never be read. It’s a great idea to segment the readers based upon the different time zones. The customers should receive a message in the morning for a higher open rate. Additionally, ask the readers the best time to send messages, and you can then send messages accordingly.