Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign- Part I

Even today email marketing campaign remains as one of the leading platform to reach the prospective and existing readers. There is always a room for improvement and these changes can definitely increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Reaching out to the potential customers with this marketing platform is not only easy, but is cost effective as well. Tweaking changes when the marketing campaign is not delivering as expected is one of the leading ways to ensure long term customer relationship. Here are a few ways of improving your email marketing campaign.


Segment the email list

You may have subscribers who are either interested in an offer, coupons or newsletter, but you will rarely find a customer interested in all the three. Sending offer and coupons to a reader who is interested in your newsletter will surely turn the reader away. Therefore, it is essential to understand who you are sending your messages. Dedicate your press release and newsletter to a certain segment of your marketing list instead of sending it to everyone on the list. Providing informative and relevant messages will encourage higher open and click-through rate.

Emails should come from a real person

More than 60% of the readers open their email based upon the sender of the message. If the message is received from email addresses such as info@abc.com, helpdesk@abc.com, donotreply@abc.com, etc., your customers are more likely to hit the unsubscribe link. Therefore, for the next marketing campaign, have your email messages come from either your marketing or the servicing team. Readers like receiving messages from real people because they can always revert back and expect a reply to their query.

Give your readers an option to learn more

If you have a large amount of content to share with the audience, send a teaser for each section to generate customer interest. Include the link to the full content below the teaser for interested readers. This way you can send succinct yet informational messages to the readers. This is especially important when the readers are viewing the messages on their phone.

Stay tuned for more tips on improving the email marketing campaign.