Using Social Media to Build your Email Newsletter

Today email newsletters are a great way to attract customers because they serve as a platform to share umpteen information to the interested customers. It is a lethal tool which can effectively promote loyalty and cater to a larger target audience. You can use the power of social media to further leverage the effect of email newsletters. You can effectively use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest to let your email marketing campaign reach new heights.


1. Look for your niche

Ask people on the social media platform about their preferences and the reason for joining your email campaign. If you find that a majority of customers join because of discounts or offers, remember to provide the same in maximum number of the newsletters. This way you will be able to create the interest of the customers and build long term relationships. In case people are dormant and actively do not participate in answering the questions, give away freebies to everyone who respond.

2. Send reminders about the sign-up on social media

If you have a holiday sale or a clearance sale coming up, remind the customers to sign up for the newsletter on the social media. Release the discounts and the dates of offer via an email. This will work as an incentive and customers will readily opt-in for the newsletter. However, do not over remind the customers by continuously posting on the Facebook wall or sending repetitive tweets as customers can easily get irked by the continuous posting.

 3. Provide a reason to join

Why should a customer opt-in for the newsletter? What competitive edge do you have over your competitors? Always attach an incentive for the customers because incentives work as a magnet and a plethora of customers get attracted. Offer promotional codes to people who subscribe to the newsletter. The promotional code can be a small discount coupon or a freebie for a product, but it will work wonders with customers.

Tip: Always remember that a majority of customers prefer to receive product related information on email and not on social media websites. Try not to fill your social media with excess content as the potential customers can lose interest easily.