Using Email Marketing to Increase Conversions

Reaching out to every lead personally and providing personal attention to your customers is a difficult task. You need to develop a one-to-one relationship, guide the readers through your offerings and engage the readers for a purchase to occur. Today, customers prefer receiving informative messages targeted towards their requirement and seek personal attention. If the customer is stuck in the same marketing funnel, you will never will able to reap advantage and increase your conversion rates. Here are a few ways to entice your readers and ensure they remain a part of your email marketing campaign.


Welcome emails

According to a survey, welcome emails witness a revenue, which is more than 300% of other promotional email messages. Whenever a reader subscribes to your newsletter, it is essential to send a welcome email to let the customer know you acknowledge their presence. The best welcome messages are the one which does not harass or irritate the readers. Simple messages hitting the inbox should focus on entailing what the reader can expect from your business and newsletters. Never hesitate in sending welcome email messages as it helps build trust in the minds of your readers.

Nurture your leads

You will be shocked to know that more than 50% of customers are valid, but are not ready to purchase. You need to move these leads into a position wherein they purchase and become loyal to your customers. Email marketing is an efficient way of nurturing relationship and make the reader sales ready. Relationships can be nurtured only when you send content according to who your customers are, where they are in the buying cycle and what are their preference. Sending blast email messages will never help build a relationship, you will only end up losing the potential readers.


People change email client due to shift in their job and because they receive too many irrelevant messages. Your email list decays every year and you end up sending emails to the dead inboxes, which hurt your deliverability score. You need to re-engage people who are dormant, inactive and have not responded from a long time.