Using Email Marketing for Enhancing your Business Relationship

If you want to grow your marketing list and build your brand reputation, you definitely need to include email marketing in your marketing mix. It is an affordable means of communication and by tweaking a few changes, you can drive sales, engage readers and change their perception about your brand. Building and fostering relationship is one of the key factors in determining the success of any online business. And, email marketing will help you achieve your business goals and ensure customers are engaged.


Think beyond opt-in

Opt-ins are a good way to provide your customers with an option rather than imposing your interests. Giving a lot of options will make the readers bored and they will unnecessarily end up choosing all the options because it is time consuming. Based upon the product and services, you can provide the following options to your readers. Ask them whether they want to receive notification when new training materials are available, whether they want to join your loyalty program or not, want to take a quiz to win loyalty points, wish to receive a weekly newsletter and receive information about some special promotions and offers. Thinking beyond the traditional opt-ins will help in increasing the engagement rate.

Are you sending sales letter?

There lies a thin line of difference between a newsletter and sales letter, marketers who are unable to understand these differences often land in the spam folder of the inbox. Today, a majority of email communication is a blatant sales letter masked in the name of newsletters. If you really want your newsletter to be valued and read by your readers, you need to spend time on creating editorial calendars and writing real stories. Newsletters full of advertisements asking readers to make a purchase will never help you build a strong email marketing campaign.

Make friends with telesales, direct mailing and social media networking sites to reap maximum because you can tap customers of these marketing platforms as well. Secondly, different people give weightage to different platforms. Work hard to create an affordable email marketing campaign.