Use Symbols in Email Subject Lines

With a daily inflow of a plethora of mails in the inbox, marketers around the world are inserting relevant symbols to make the email stand out in the crowded mailbox. Many organizations across the world have seen a dramatic increase in the click rate and email open rate using this method. However, symbols in a subject line may not be suitable or apt for every business. Therefore, before integrating the symbols, it is essential that you understand whether such a tactic will benefit your business or not.

 How it is beneficial?

A number of companies have tested the use of symbols in their email subject line and seen tremendous improvement in the unique user open rate. Such a change can bring in a drastic change when it comes to profits and revenue numbers. Symbols such as a red heart, black heart, black sun sign or umbrella is widely acknowledged by the customers, thereby resulting in higher click rate and unique click. Symbols attract the customers as in their inquisitiveness to know what lies in the email, the mails are opened. And, such customers usually form potential customers.

Some tips for using symbols

1. Use the symbols moderately, so that the interest of the customers is not lost. A symbol in every subject line will surely degrade the interest of the customers and your email marketing campaign can fail.

2. Never use the symbols after 20 characters, otherwise it will reduce the visibility and the effectiveness of the subject line will be dead. Additionally, it becomes extremely convenient for the customer when the email is read or opened on a mobile device.

3. Undoubtedly symbols increases the open rate, but always ensure that the symbols are relevant and the reader does not find it a Herculean task to decode the subject line. In such a situation, the reader will find the email irrelevant and the probability of the email being marked spam is extremely high.

Symbols beautify the email and it develops interest in the mind of the customers. Therefore, use the symbols wisely.