Use Surveys to Enhance Email Marketing

An independent survey can easily position your company as a thought leader in the market and make you the leader in the no time. Additionally, you the statistics obtained from the survey will help you fulfil the requirement of the customer base. You will be able to create a lot of insights and use the data to effectively plan out the email marketing campaign. The survey can be shared with the customers via an email. The survey results will increase the ROI and the number of leads will surely increase. Customer feedback is essential as it will help you grow as an organization and change according to the changing requirement.


Here are a few types of survey you can use in the email marketing to ensure customers are attracted and relevant information in received.

1. Customer Satisfaction

Conducting half-yearly customer satisfaction survey is an indication for the customers that you care. A survey on the how satisfied or dissatisfied the customers will help you evolve. Simply sending the survey will not help, taking action on the findings of the survey will help you grow as an organization. For example, if the customers feel the frequency of mails are too high, then the number of emails being sent should be reduced. Not taking action on the customer’s feedback is definitely not a healthy marketing tactic. It will rupture the whole email marketing campaign because valuable inputs from the customers will help you serve better.

2. Content Satisfaction

Number of views or downloads will only give an indication about how the customers are responding to the emails, but are they finding the content of the newsletter worthwhile or relevant? Therefore, consider surveying customers who downloads or view the content for valuable content related feedback. Ensure to give the customers abundant time to analyze the content before asking for a feedback. Content satisfaction survey is essential as in email marketing, content is one of the important means of communication. If the content is bad, the email marketing campaign will never be successful.

Before, sending the survey, tell the customers the reason behind the same.